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Wednesday May 26th was a “Web Analytics Wednesday” day in Copenhagen and it was really interesting – Steen Rasmussen from IIH Nordic was doing a great job! Thanx!
It was in fact my first Web Analytics Wednesday and I have no clue why…  it was really good!
First person “on the floor” was Piotr Birketoft with an interesting presentation about Web Analytics and why most companies doesnt really implement it, but sticks to sporadic usage of a Web Analytics tool…
Next and last person was
Clancy Childs, Google Analytics Europe. Clancy started with some rather basic Google Analytics stuff, but finished with some of the new and interesing features in GA.
And then the Google Analytics guys had a small quiz with some bags of Google Analytics Goodies as prizes for a right answer..

Look what I won for a right GA quiz answer!
Google Analytics prize goodies

Check out the Google Analytics HiPPO – the back of it says “Squish the HiPPO”… nice
(for noob’s: HiPPo means “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion” and Avinash Kaushik (from Google) think that you should “squish” this HiPPO with knowledge, so knowledge beats Highest Paid..)

And I dont dare to eat the candy – candy from Googleplex could make you do strange stuff…  who wants it?

Next Web Analytics Wednesday in CPH will be August 4th.

I have no clue about where Mr. Hartvig aka one of the Umbraco Twins is getting the title for this video from….  😉  but him message is both clear and loud – and it just makes so much sense – don’t support Apple’s closed system!

An early result in the SERPS shows that if the Title tag is longer than 70 chararcters Google will not cut it exactly at 70, even though he copy makes it possible.. what about a Title tag with exactly 70 characters?

And Google SERPS says YES…
Title tags 70 can be characters

So is it really true that Google has changed the numbers of characters that it will show in the title in the SERPS?
This blog post is testing if the number of characters is really moved up to now 70 characters for the title – guided by the Title tag.
I have already seen this done in a Danish test, but now another test, but in English.
FYI the Title tag on this page contains more than 70 chars, but at 70 the “cut” should be…

Wow, Google as a Search Engine just keep on growing – news data from Hitwise shows that Google is now at 74% and Yahoo down at 16,19%.
Bing looks to loose momentum in June compared to May, but Hitwise has in fact been comparing June 2009 searches week by week… and Bing showed 6,63% for the last week of June 2009.
I think it will be interesting to see if Bing can keep that 25% extra..

Google at 74 percent of US search traffic

(from Hitwise and Search Engine Land)

It has been a great pleasure working for 23 Company up to the  launch of  the 23 Video platform and of course also at the launch May 13th – a launch with more than 200 guests, clients and partners in the old Danish Radio House – such a blast!
Not working directly for 23 and 23 Video anymore it was just natural for me (and Addvisors Vilnius) to talk with 23 Video about getting Addvisors Vilnius to be an official 23 Video partner helping clients build super WEBTV solutions on the state of art 23 Video platform.

Check out one of the really cool user/clients of the 23 Video platform.

Dont hesitate contacting me or Addvisors Vilnius if you want to know more…

I cant really express how bad I feel about the concept of AidOnline. Whats on the outside sounds so nice with 80% of all banner revenue going to NGO like Red Cross ect. (and AidOnline keeps 20% for admin ect.) is really just the work of “thieves in the night”…

So Google did a couple of years ago “dismantle” the Google Bomb (the techique used) that got famous by hitting former president George W. Bush by making his White House biography number one ranking in Google on the search for “miserable failure”, but it seems like Yahoo! didn’t “dismantle” the Google Bomb on their search engine part…. and now president Barack Obama is number one of “miserable failure” at Yahoo!
That’s a tough job not even finishing your first week at the White House and Yahoo! already “nominates” you as “miserable failure”….
I guess Yahoo! just got one more incentive to make their algorithm better..  😉
Having only around 20% of the searches in US (opposed to Google’s 63%) does create some expectations, Yahoo!

Barack Obama as “miserable failure” on Yahoo!

Google Chrome out of beta

December 18th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in WEB - (0 Comments)

Google Chrome is now out of beta and I just love how stable and well working it is – yes, Firefox is in version 3.0.4 not very stable on my laptop…

I know its been quite a long time since I mentioned, but we’re pretty busy working on it.. and its moving forward – of course not as fast as I really wanted it to do… but we’re gettting there… is still the good old version 0.01…