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Last Friday I did it again… was setting up a nice little Single Malt tasting for my fellow members of CMWTS and they told me I found something good.
I must admit I was also pretty pleased about the tasting even though there we’re NO Islay whiskies there…

Check the image of the good stuff

Friday I was at another great Single Malt Whisky tasting in Copenhagen Malt Whisky Tasting Society (CMWTS) and yes, I could feel it next day…

6 really nice whiskies!

  • KILKERRAN Work in Progress – 5 yo & 46%
  • HIGHLAND PARK 1997 Royal Mile Whiskies – 12 yo & 46%
  • Benromach Traditional – 40%
  • Ardbeg Blasda – 40%
  • BOWMORE 1999 Royal Mile Whiskies – 10 yo & 62,7%
  • FASCADALE 10 Year Old Adelphi – 46%

Behind the name FASCADALE 10 Year Old Adelphi is most certain a Talisker…

CMWTS Single Malt Whisky tasting August 2009

Yesterday it was again time for a tasting in CMWTS and I do think I found some good ones for the tasting.

The list of Single Malts was:
– Bunnahabhain18Y (18y & 43%)
– Longrow CV (46%)
– Bruichladdich Rocks (46%)
– Glenmorangie Burgundy Wood Finish (10y? & 43%)
– Macallan12Y (12y & 40%)
– Springbank Madeira Wood (11y & 55,1%)

The winner of the tasting and quiz was my good friend Christian Hartvig!

And the “winner” whisky or at at least the whisky that everybody agreed was the best of the night was Springbank Madeira Wood – and it was really a GREAT whisky – loved it a lot and I need to find it for my collection!!
But the Bruichladdich Rocks at only 249 DKK was a good choice for the money!

Been a good boy today – send out the invitation to Copenhagen Malt Whisky Tasting Societies whisky tasting in the end of May.

Damn, do I look forward to it – always a pleasure!

Email me if you wanna join me as a guest….

Friday there was a small single malt tasking and an extra meeting in CMWTS – we needed to get the new “board” ready 2009 in CMWTS and of couse decide on the dates for the single malt tastings in CMWTS in 2009.
I can remember all the dates (I’ll give the blame to Single Malt Whisky and a great party at Plant)….   later..

A couple of years ago my good friend Per Klix gave me a Bourbon at Xmas…  and I do have to admit I wasn’t that thrilled…  I’m just a ‘bit’ more into Single Malt Whisky than Bourbon, but I was mistaken…  big time…  Per had chosen a speciel cask version hand-bottled back in 28.01.2008 at Rowan’s Creek and it had a GREAT taste!
Thanx Per – I’m just sorry that I finished it a couple of days ago…..

Rowans creek bourbon

The schedule for the 2008 Single Malt Tastings in Copenhagen Malt Whisky Tasting Society is now ready:
29. February – Islay tasting
11. April
23. May
29. August
3. October – Gourmet tasting
14. November

Remember I can still only bring one guest with me for each tasting…

New whisky tasting in CMWTS

November 6th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Whisky - (0 Comments)

16. November is gonna be a great day – another single malt tasting in Copenhagen Malt Whisky Tasting Society (CMWTS) and this one is going to be the annual general meeting with some special whiskies.
And guests…  do call me!

Gourmet Tasting in CMWTS

October 4th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Whisky - (0 Comments)

OH yes, the Gourmet Tasting is tomorrow…  gonna be soooo nice with some single malt whisky (and the gourmet food)!

Gourmet Tasting in CMWTS

September 26th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Whisky - (0 Comments)

My good old Single Malt Club is arranging a Gourment Tasting – Gourmet food and great malts..  what more can a man ask for?