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This is one of the most difficult posts I ever done and its gonna be very short….

In the night between September 8th and September 9th my father Ib Klintø slept peacefully in…

This picture from Oslo (May 25th 2008) shows my father like I always will remember him – in a good mode over a nice meal…
Ib Klintø - may he rest in peace

I miss you…….

Friday I was at another great Single Malt Whisky tasting in Copenhagen Malt Whisky Tasting Society (CMWTS) and yes, I could feel it next day…

6 really nice whiskies!

  • KILKERRAN Work in Progress – 5 yo & 46%
  • HIGHLAND PARK 1997 Royal Mile Whiskies – 12 yo & 46%
  • Benromach Traditional – 40%
  • Ardbeg Blasda – 40%
  • BOWMORE 1999 Royal Mile Whiskies – 10 yo & 62,7%
  • FASCADALE 10 Year Old Adelphi – 46%

Behind the name FASCADALE 10 Year Old Adelphi is most certain a Talisker…

CMWTS Single Malt Whisky tasting August 2009

The Danish band Mew is after around 4 years of “silence” out with a new CD “No More Stories” and it got impressive reviews all over!!
I’m nearly afraid of getting disappointed..

I just ordered it – of course online abroad… why would I want to pay 2-2,5 times more in Denmark or 2,5 times the price at the online shop (DKK 129 + 29 in shipping) – in fact I never really understod the concept of! Pay the same as in a Danish shop and wait for several days…

So I went to CD WOW! and BangCD and ended up with a price of DKK 60 including shipping at BangCD – but by ordering it in Punds…
Mew "No More Stories" -  get it n Punds at BangCD
I now have to wait a couple of days, but I really like to have the CD instead of the DRM “infected” versions..  just call me old school…

But strange way of handling multi-currency at BangCD – If I have paid the Mew cd in DKK it would have been DKK 70…  very strang..

Mew cd "No More Stories" bought at BangCD

Btw I could download it (with DRM) at Bilka for DKK 69,95…  come on..  no cover, no cd and no shipping – you should be able to to better than DKK +10!

This is really a super joke Google is making here – check out this clip from The Onion where Google is telling about their new Google product “Google Opt Out” – a product sending you to a remote village – damn, these Googlelers are just such nice people.

And I love the big G you get in your forehead when you return from Google Opt Out village..  😉

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

No more OMD in Germany

August 10th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Business - (0 Comments)

It has been annonced for quite some time, but I still find it very sad that the huge German Online Marketing Expo OMD has been discontinued..  OMD 2008 was the last of those and I have been very happy being there from when it was rather small to the huge Online Marketing Expo it was last year..

Anyway it seems like the German Online scene has decided that the big German Online Marketing Expo will be DMEXCO in Cologne – can’t make it this year, but I will certainly come around next year!
And I’m looking forward to hear the reviews from friends afterwards!

Thanx to all my wonderful friends for making my birthday party such a PARTY!
I know some people say you should tell it with flowers and a pictures says more than…  so.. doesnt this looks like a happy boy or?
Niels Klintø - happy birthday 40yo

More pictures from the party in my next posts..

Oh yeah, it’s the day when I turned 40…
It feels good and it doesn’t really hurt…  maybe it’s because the sun is shining and my wonderful girlfriend woke me up with lots of nice presents and a birthday breakfast table with cinnamon snails and coffee.

And it certainly also because of all the nice wishes from friends at Skype, Facebook and Twitter…
And certainly because I got this unexpected delivery to my office from Skaiste at Addvisors Vilnius.
Check it out!

Niels Klintø  40 birthday present from Skaiste Knyzaite

Thanx Skaiste – it was a wonderful surprise!

And it seems like my next year will bring a lot of interesting things…
A (hopefully) great party with my friends on Saturday
Getting married to my wonderful girlfriend
Honeymoon to Cambodia and Thailand
A little diving
Seeing my great fiends
Speaking at IAB Peru event
New projects
Improving “old” projects
Seeing,, Addvisors Vilnius, 1.Q consult and Addconsulta grow
And more…

Wow…  its gonna be great!

Tomorrow is again time for Grøn Koncert in Copenhagen – the yearly summer concert with Danish artists – sponsored by Tuborg!

The program this year looks pretty fine and the weather will at least be dry.. nuff said

Grøn Koncert program:
13:20 Sys Bjerre
– sorry Sys..  I might be arriving a bit later…  😉
14:05 Mc’s Fight Night Tag Team Battle semifinaler
– these MC’s are just soo cool!
15:00 Tim Christensen
– hmmm…  I did like Tim Christensen in his “old” former band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, but now his music is rather boring…  sorry Tim..  but boring!
15:50 L.O.C.
– one of my favorit rappers – L.O.C is just sooo cool!
16.50 Kashmir
– Kashmir, rock as it supposed to be! Tim, listen and learn!
17:50 Mc’s Fight Night Tag Team Battle finale
– The MC’s final!
18:25 Infernal
– not my cup of tea…  time to get some beers.. use the toilet or..
19:20 Volbeat
– gonna be interesting to see Volbeat live!
20:20 TV-2

Gonna be a GREAT day!

Now the answer is there – Mirko CroCop’s  next fight is going to be in the UFC again, even though there was some trash talk by UFC director Dana White after CroCop’s last fight back at the UFC 99 in Germany….
Mirko CroCop will be fighting Brazilian Junior dos Santos at UFC 103 on September 19th.
Junior dos Santos is a rather new fighter with only 8 fights, but afther his KO of Fabricio Werdum he seems to be a rising star..  at least until he meets CroCop at UFC 103 – no doubt Junior dos Santos has a chance..  but its a slim one and I’m sure CroCop will win by KO!

I wouldn’t call it an easy fight for Buakaw, but he was certainly superior to poor Dutch fighter Nieky “The Natural” Holtzken who got his stomack smashed throughout the fight – I’m very happy to see Buakaw return to the old Thai boxing style of knee’s, tiep and low kicks. Nieky “The Natural” Holtzken really got TIEPED!
So now its the K-1 World Max 2009 Final in October – first semi final and then final on one night! Gonna be a blast!

Ups..  did I forget his mid kick and sweeps…  really not so much boxing but kicking!