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Happy birthday to 23!

August 19th, 2010 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Friends - (0 Comments)

23 is now 5 years old and a BIG happy birthday to the whole 23-Gang and crazy to see the huge succes you have with 23 Video (I was really happy being a part in the early start – great energy!)

And a 23 spotting for you guys!
Highland Park 23 year old

(No, will unfortunately not bring the bottle to you…  😉  )

It has been a great pleasure working for 23 Company up to the  launch of  the 23 Video platform and of course also at the launch May 13th – a launch with more than 200 guests, clients and partners in the old Danish Radio House – such a blast!
Not working directly for 23 and 23 Video anymore it was just natural for me (and Addvisors Vilnius) to talk with 23 Video about getting Addvisors Vilnius to be an official 23 Video partner helping clients build super WEBTV solutions on the state of art 23 Video platform.

Check out one of the really cool user/clients of the 23 Video platform.

Dont hesitate contacting me or Addvisors Vilnius if you want to know more…

It seems like the 23 Video launch made quite some noize…  and now 23 Video competitor  DigiEyeZ is also giving 23 Video platform a spin..

And if you take a look at the test-site (and understand Danish) you can also read their “test results”/comments…

Happy to see that they like it, too…

Do you want to test the 23 Video platform like DigiEyeZ?

23 has now the full presentation from the 23 Video launch online – sorry, only in Danish.

I’m in fact looking forward to see the 23 Video presentation in full – did miss quite a lot because I was busy pouring up Champaign.

Wednesday was a big day with the launch of 23 Video – a sophisticated, but simple platform enabling people/companies to launch their own web-tv site in 2 mins.
The launch event managed to fill up Radiohuset, studio 2, (the old Danish radiohouse) with more than 200 people eager to hear about this new product from “23” called 23 Video – and making the launch in the radiohouse, where the first Danish Tv-programs were send 60 years ago made the statement even clearer.
Now everybody can launch their own TV-station online – and with 23 Video its really just a matter of minutes.
Sorry that I’m getting a bit overexited about it, but having worked together with “23” on this product for the last 8 months makes me very excited about it…

The launch event went really well. More than 200 people – yes, it was overbooked and some of people who came a little late like Morten Lund even had to sit on the stairs….
Thomas Madsen-Mygdal started “the show” describing the product and the “market” where a online tv-station project usually takes a lot of time and lots of money – something which will be changed with the entrance of 23 Video.
Ulrik from Mediacom then when to present the status for online video and his view about the future – YouTube is exploding in usage and online video has just started.

“Unfortunately” I was part of the team behind the event and product, so I didnt really find time to see much more of the presentation like Aarstidernes or the new video-site made to VisitDenmark
I mean somebody needs to pour up the champaign for all the people..

Thanx to Thomas and the team for letting me be a (small) part of this!

Use 23 Video to build you own online Tv-station – 14 days free trial!