Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Last week Addconsulta Peru, Intent Agency and Addconsulta Ecuador was behind the first Google Analytics training and certification event in Ecuador.
Over 2 days I had the pleasure of joining my colleagues in training around 20 students in Google Analytics.
Domas Vysniauskas, Intent Agency Vilnius, was head trainer leading the students though the material and tests, while Lorena Rodriguez ( CEO and Partner, Addconsulta Ecuador ), Steffen Iversen (Sales Director and Co-founder, Addconsulta Peru) and I had the pleasure of doing one session each and helping out.

On stage in Dann Carlton Hotel, Quito
Niels Klintø from Intent Agency presenting at Addconsulta Ecuador's Google Analytics training and certification in Quito 5. and 6. november 2015

And we’re proud to tell that we had some really clever students by, making it possible for the event to have 80% of the students passing the Google Analytics certification – GRATZ to all of you!
All the students at the Google Analytics training and certification in Quito 5. and 6. november 2015

Flight and entry tickets are booked and paid – I will be going to the best Search conference this year!
Wait a minute… PubCon is growing as always – it used to be just Search, but now its Search, Social, Affiliate & Web Analytics.
Going with some of my colleagues from Addconsulta Peru – gonna be a blast!

Thursday (October 1st) was a big day for Addconsulta and me – I was invited to do a presentation about SEM at the IAB Peru’s Online Marketing conference and Addconsulta had a booth there, too. And we really got busy!
The IAB Peru Online Marketing conference had more that 300 people participating, so lots of networking.
I didn’t hear that many of the presentation because my Spanish in non-excisting and I didn’t like the idea of using the translation service. In fact it was pretty funny being translated – some of the people was using a headset (with translation) when I was doing my presentation about SEM – SEO and AdWords… and I have no clue if something was “lost in translation”,but the girls doing the translation had a really good English, so I’m pretty sure everything was ok – and nobody complained..  😉

Niels Klintoe speaking at the IAB Peru Online Marketing conference

I also got caught by a TV-team for a little talk – quite funny because I needed the CEO of Addconsulta Miguel to help me translate the questions.
Interviewed by Peruvian TV-website at the IAB Conference

All in all a great day and I think the future for Online Marketing in Peru looks very bright!

Oh yeah, it’s the day when I turned 40…
It feels good and it doesn’t really hurt…  maybe it’s because the sun is shining and my wonderful girlfriend woke me up with lots of nice presents and a birthday breakfast table with cinnamon snails and coffee.

And it certainly also because of all the nice wishes from friends at Skype, Facebook and Twitter…
And certainly because I got this unexpected delivery to my office from Skaiste at Addvisors Vilnius.
Check it out!

Niels Klintø  40 birthday present from Skaiste Knyzaite

Thanx Skaiste – it was a wonderful surprise!

And it seems like my next year will bring a lot of interesting things…
A (hopefully) great party with my friends on Saturday
Getting married to my wonderful girlfriend
Honeymoon to Cambodia and Thailand
A little diving
Seeing my great fiends
Speaking at IAB Peru event
New projects
Improving “old” projects
Seeing,, Addvisors Vilnius, 1.Q consult and Addconsulta grow
And more…

Wow…  its gonna be great!