Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Wow, time is running when you’re having fun…  😉

Addvisors Vilnius is today 5 years old – 5 years since we kickstarted the Lithuanian SEO and Google AdWords market.
I’m happy to have had Skaiste Knyzaite as CEO all the way!!
Gratz and thanx to her and the team!

Dear friends.
I know I havent been bloggin much lately and I havent even shared the  GREAT news from January with you..
Addvisors Vilnius FINALLY got paid by Vopium – yes, it took us around 2 years to get the money, but we’re just happy that Vopium didnt manage to dodge it!
Happy to see that the court in Vilnius is working and transfering a sentence from one EC country to another is also working as intended.

Wont go into more details here, but just ask…  😉

Back in Vilnius preparing for the wedding + of course spending some time at the Addvisors Vilnius office.
Wow, time is running when you’re enjoying life and what you’re doing – now there’s only 4 days to the wedding…. Luckily we’re sort of ready – always some small changes and coordinations needed…

Saturday is so close and I’m really looking forward to it!

It has been a great pleasure working for 23 Company up to the  launch of  the 23 Video platform and of course also at the launch May 13th – a launch with more than 200 guests, clients and partners in the old Danish Radio House – such a blast!
Not working directly for 23 and 23 Video anymore it was just natural for me (and Addvisors Vilnius) to talk with 23 Video about getting Addvisors Vilnius to be an official 23 Video partner helping clients build super WEBTV solutions on the state of art 23 Video platform.

Check out one of the really cool user/clients of the 23 Video platform.

Dont hesitate contacting me or Addvisors Vilnius if you want to know more…

At least thats what I think this video clip from Skaiste and the Addvisors Vilnius “crew” says!

Being back in Vilnius again for several reasons.
Strategy and Board Meeting in 1.Q consult on Friday and Saturday – more about it later, but 1.Q consult and Thomas does really have succes with their LEAN seminars and implementations here i Lithuania.

And now Addvisors Vilnius is also starting doing Google Apps implementations and support, which I’m very excited about. First of all I really like Google Apps, its just such a great package and the email/calender/contacts doesnt get more reliable! First client implementation is happening from today….
Addvisors Vilnius and Addvisors Riga is of course already a “long time” user of Google Apps and are now also Google Apps Business Solution Provider.

Emediate has decided to use Addvisors Vilnius (and Riga) to sell their world class Ad serving solution EmediateAd in Lithiuania and Latvia and last week it was time for the first meetings in Lithuania.
I joined Christoffer Feilberg and Otto Neubert of Emediate Tuesday for the flight to Vilnius and Skaiste Knyzaite (CEO Addvisors Vilnius) had the next too days packed with meeting with some of the top 10 websites in Lithuania.
The trip was really a good one – Lithuania has some interesting sites with great people there and I’m pretty sure that Otto’s presentation of Emediates Ad serving solution EmediateAd will be followed up with a couple of contracts…
I have already had the peasure of setting up and using EmediateAd on the Danish golf site and it is really a strong and very intuitive Ad serving solution, so I’m sure its a good decision for Addvisors to start reselling this great Ad Serving solution – a Ad serving solution that will set new standards for Ad serving in Lithuania and Latvia.

Otto Nuebert from Emediate relaxing at the hotel Centro Kubas in Vilnius

Christoffer Feilberg from Emediate at the local bar in Vilnius

Yes, we did have a full booked 2 days, but we did have time to taste the local beer…

Thanx guys for a great trip – and thanx to Skaiste for setting up the top meetings!

Skaiste and Addvisors Vilnius are expanding again, so if you live in Vilnius and feel that you have what it takes to be a Sales Manager for the leading search marketing company in Lithuania dont hesitate contacting Skaiste Knyzaite.

Back at the office from 10 nice days in Lithuania, so now its time again for some blogging.

Been at the Addvisors Vilnius office – soon there will be an Addvisors Riga office!

In 1.Q consult we had a boardmeeting where CEO Thomas Rønlev showed us some big and interesting clients using our services and some big coming in soon – more on this later…

And then I used whole last week up in Visaginas with my girlfriend visiting her parents – Visaginas is the Lithuanian town up north with the Nuclear Power Plant ( Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant) providing most of the Lithuanian electricity and with a great area of forest of lakes – a really beautiful area…  and yes, I did swim several times in these clean lakes…..

Yesterday did Skaiste and Addvisors Vilnius again make it to the Lithuanian medias and this time with the ‘news’ of Addvisors Vilnius meeting the  requirements to attain recognition as a Google AdWords Qualified Company. Nice work guys (and girls)!