Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Was doing a small test on the new Microsoft Search Engine Bing (former Live) today and what did I find on “SEO”?

Really good being back at PubCon again (I wasn’t at PubCon last year) and seeing it still being full of great sessions on SEO, PPC, tracking/analytics, social media and link building and and and…  its really difficult for me to point out one session being much better than another, but I must say that the link buying session where Google’s Matt Cutts were listning was a hit – YES, you can still buy links and get some link juice from it….  its just about how you do it…  😉

I will not be going into any details about some of the ‘findings’ and news in this post, but it will certainly come in some of my future posts – either here or on a blog on my future company site…  ouch, did I really tell that I will start a new company doing SEO, PPC and tracking?  😉  yes, something will happen from December 1st 2008 when I again can do that kind of business in Denmark without violation the contract with…  but it will not be another Addvisors DK and mobile will also be included…
And I’m really looking forward to start working on some of the interesting SEO projects that has been offered me, but I have turned down for present time…  I feel like a kid waiting for December.,.  😉
More to come..

Even though Addvisors clients and brand in Denmark has been sold to its still amaze me to see that Addvisors again has got 2 nominations in the Effect prize (keywords) at the Danish Internet Award (DIA08). It’s really makes me proud that Addvisors could attrack and foster some of the best people on the Danish PPC scene…
Unfortunately there will be only one winner on the day….  so I just hope that it would be either Jens Olesen and Addvisors GmbH (the German Addvisors Office) with the campaign for or Andreas Backe and Addvisors with the campaign for SkandiaBanken.
(Yes, I know that Addvisors is not mentioned as Creative Agency for SkandiaBanken, but I have been promised by IUM that they will correct it…)