Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Yes, its true – an American company has launched a Bacon Vodka called Bakon Vodka and it makes sense.
The already have bacon chocolate over there and Vodka has been made with all kind of different berries, so why not chose the one “spice” that can make any dish so much better and put it in a Vodka?

Check out the well-fitting logo – its it just me who can see a slice of Bacon there?

And the company is even ready with some nice ideas to drinks with this Bacon Vodka – like a Bakon Mary!

Only one bad thing…  unfortunately Bakon Vodka is only for sale in a couple of States in USA…  seems like the Americans want to keep this great drink for themselves…
Per, please bring me a bottle when you’ll be Denmark this summer…  please….