Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Sitting with a beer and some good friends in Old Town of Vilnius I saw my first bicycle bar – in Vilnius its called Velobar – nice idea, even though I dont really like making the connection between beer drinking and manual labour….

The Velobar in Vilnius
Velobar in Vilnius

Bo also liked the idea of a bicycle-bar – the Velobar in Vilnius
Bo also likes Velobar in Vilnius
To be honest I dont know if its the bicycle-bar concept that Velobar has or its the girl dancing in front that Bo likes the most..  I guess it the overall concept…  😉

And yes my friends, next time we hit Vilnius I can of course get Domas or Giena to order us this bar + we need to try these Segways…