Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

First of all a BIG thanx to the IUM staff for this great IUM Bob Tournament 2008 and of course for inviting me – I had great fun and you always manage to invite the best (party) people from the bizz..

Again I wasnt partaking in the Bob Tournament… I was late, not fully over the loose together with MP 2 years ago and I didnt have a Bob-partner … I guess I need to be playing next year, but on the other hand its always cool just enjoying the beer and super drinks served by the IUM bar staff – Jesper, you make a mean GT, nearly up to the standard of the famous Busch-drinks…  ouch…

In the bar I did of course find the 2 Danish Googlers Sune Nielsen og Nikolaj Thonbo

Good seeing you again.

IUM had ‘dressed’ up their office in Bob Style – and this year the theme was Bob and German Beer festival (sort of explains all the German flags..)

If you look a little closer you can see Nikolaj Thunbo ordering for us in the bar…  good job!
The winners of IUM Bob Tournament 2008

Sune and I with one of the IUM Bob Tournament 2008 winners