Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Emediate has decided to use Addvisors Vilnius (and Riga) to sell their world class Ad serving solution EmediateAd in Lithiuania and Latvia and last week it was time for the first meetings in Lithuania.
I joined Christoffer Feilberg and Otto Neubert of Emediate Tuesday for the flight to Vilnius and Skaiste Knyzaite (CEO Addvisors Vilnius) had the next too days packed with meeting with some of the top 10 websites in Lithuania.
The trip was really a good one – Lithuania has some interesting sites with great people there and I’m pretty sure that Otto’s presentation of Emediates Ad serving solution EmediateAd will be followed up with a couple of contracts…
I have already had the peasure of setting up and using EmediateAd on the Danish golf site and it is really a strong and very intuitive Ad serving solution, so I’m sure its a good decision for Addvisors to start reselling this great Ad Serving solution – a Ad serving solution that will set new standards for Ad serving in Lithuania and Latvia.

Otto Nuebert from Emediate relaxing at the hotel Centro Kubas in Vilnius

Christoffer Feilberg from Emediate at the local bar in Vilnius

Yes, we did have a full booked 2 days, but we did have time to taste the local beer…

Thanx guys for a great trip – and thanx to Skaiste for setting up the top meetings!