Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Its been quite some time…  but now Sepiamusic is finally ready with the Official Video for the great song Crazy Burn – one of my favorit Sepiamusic songs!
And the song is in fact still available for free download at the Sepiamusic website!

I love the new Sepiamusic first single ‘Crazy Burn’ and it turns out that Michael and Erin has decided to make it a free download – at least for now…
Sepiamusic’s first album ‘Prototype’ was great, but from what secrets I can squeeze out of Michael Miltersen ‘Trenches’ will be even better. Judging by ‘Crazy Burn’ and expecting the rest of the album to be down the same road, I think I’m close to have the same high expectations as Michael… looking very much forward to the coming releash (and releash party) of Trenches.
I’m certainly a Crazy Burn fan! 😉