Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

2 DIA08 nomination and 1 prize….  nice!

A big congratulation to Jens Olesen and his former company Addvisors GmbH for the DIA08 prize together with StarCom and the client – pretty cool that Addvisors even after the sale of the Danish clients and the brand still are getting prizes…

Even though Addvisors clients and brand in Denmark has been sold to its still amaze me to see that Addvisors again has got 2 nominations in the Effect prize (keywords) at the Danish Internet Award (DIA08). It’s really makes me proud that Addvisors could attrack and foster some of the best people on the Danish PPC scene…
Unfortunately there will be only one winner on the day….  so I just hope that it would be either Jens Olesen and Addvisors GmbH (the German Addvisors Office) with the campaign for or Andreas Backe and Addvisors with the campaign for SkandiaBanken.
(Yes, I know that Addvisors is not mentioned as Creative Agency for SkandiaBanken, but I have been promised by IUM that they will correct it…)