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Domino Tournament in Vilnius.

December 17th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Friends | Travel - (0 Comments)

I know this is rather scary, but yes! I did join a Domino Tournament on my last trip to Vilnius and in fact I got all the way to the semifinal on my first time playing Domino ever – and I learned how to play just before the tournament started – and NO, I don’t think I got any special Domino talents…  😉

It all started with my friend Domas asking me on Wednesday last week if I wanted to go play at a local Domino Tournament with him..  can you imagine me laughing and checking what they added to his beer?

The whole downstairs of the Domino Bar (yes, they even named the place after Domino) was full with nice people on this Thursday. Here’s a couple playing

Also Domas’ brother Tadas did play in the Domino Tournament – unfortunately he went out rather early – he needs to practice his Domino skills…  😉

Domas showed me how to play Domino on the spot and he did fine, but I guess he left a little out…  he made it to the final whereas I went out in the semifinals….

Anyway great fun playing Domino – I’m pretty sure I’ll be there again next time I’m in Vilnius…  but dont expect me to be practicing hard beforehand…  😉

The Domino Bar