Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

This is really amazing!
Some Polish company called EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. ( decided to make a website in Danish ( to attract Danish SEO, Pay Per Click and tracking clients. And EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. decided to do it by stealing an old Addvisors (Copenhagen) text about Pay Per Click – EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. didnt even bother to remove the name Addvisors in exchange for their own…

So even after the sale of Addvisors Copenhagen’s activities to it still get copied…  😉

Check the second last line in the text…. EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. is telling about Addvisors Philosophy..  come on guys, if you have to steal text you could also do a “search and replace” in the text…  😉

And btw your links in the bottom is not active, your HOME button is out of order and you’re SEO…  hmm….