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Google is updating the AdWords for mobile interface and it looks really nice, but there is a couple of limitations…

First of all its only for Android, iPhone and Palm, so no Nokia…  and for now its only for accounts managed in US, UK or Australian English…
For now this new interface is only available for a small amount of the English language advertisers, but if you wanna push your Android, iPhone or Palm to the new AdWords for mobile version go to:

The article at the official Google AdWords blog has a video describing some of the nice features of this new AdWords for mobile interface – check it out..

No more competition clause!

I can now do Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords – all SEO and SEM the sale of activities from Addvisors Copenhagen kept me away from in DK…  but now it’s over – I’m ready again..  and I already know I’m gonna do today!  😉

Wednesday I was with Skaiste in Riga Latvia – in fact it was my first time to Latvia ever – but I’m sure it wont be the last time.

Unfortunately we didnt have much time for sightseeing in Riga and we didnt even manage to see the new Addvisors Riga office – Addvisors Riga is a newly opened branch of Addvisors Vilnius and it seems like they are already running fast there and getting new clients in – well done! Our aim is of course to be the leading provider of Google Adwords and tracking by Google Analytics in Latvia, too… not a small goal, but I’m sure they can do it!

The trip was mostly a quick one to get Skaistes new company car registrated in Latvia which we ended up using quite some time on – even though we spend about 2 hours in official office I do in fact think things worked faster that in Denmark…  😉

Brand new plates on the car

Btw I do think she picked a very nice car – and it feels really nice driving in it….

Yesterday did Skaiste and Addvisors Vilnius again make it to the Lithuanian medias and this time with the ‘news’ of Addvisors Vilnius meeting the  requirements to attain recognition as a Google AdWords Qualified Company. Nice work guys (and girls)!

In a rutine checkup by Skaiste Knyzaite, CEO Addvisors Vilnius, she discovered that airBaltic was violating FlyLAL’s trademark in their use of Google AdWords and after a couple of talks with the people at FlyLAL they decided to go the legal way now asking for 1,45 million Euro for the loss of revenue caused by this unfair action.
From the Lithuanian medias:
And in English

Big respect to our clever staff in the Vilnius office – 4 Google Adwords Qualified Professionals in one office – gratz to Mikas, Timas, Julius and Romuald on your passed exam!
Great team you got there, Skaiste!