Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

At the PubCon conference (Novmber 10. – 13.) in Las Vegas Google’s “Spam czar” Matt Cutts told the audience that Google will NOT launch their new version of their Search Engine backend “Caffeine” before Christmas and thereby potentially make large changes in their index that might ruin the Christmas earning for lots of webshops.
I’m sure many people can remember the Google Search Engine update called “Florida” (back in November 2003) that litteraly ruin the Christmas earning for lots and lots of webshop – and some say forcing these webshop over to Google’s advertising program AdWords – was it deliberately?
Anyway Matt Cutts first of all told the audience that the “Caffeine” (not update) version won’t really be so much different in the algorithm, but the speed..
And Google has decided not to roll it out over their datacenters before Christmas, so from this point it will be a good Chrismas with a lot of action in the webshops. But Matt Cutts did tell that Google probably will make one of their datacenters run the new “Caffeine” version, so there might be a bit to see…