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Google decided to make a cool video showing how fast Google Chrome is compared to a potato, the sound and the lightning…

Yes, as you can see below Chrome is winning against those 3!

But it didnt take Norwegian browser Opera much time to “reply” with a even cooler and more funny video – DAMN, Opera is just soooo much faster than cooking a potato!

Google Chrome out of beta

December 18th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in WEB - (0 Comments)

Google Chrome is now out of beta and I just love how stable and well working it is – yes, Firefox is in version 3.0.4 not very stable on my laptop…

A new Internet browser and then from Google…  oh yes, of course I need to try the new Internet browser Google Chrome – even though I really like to use Firefox – anyway just testing Chrome for now…
And I do like the launch of the browser by making a Google Chrome comic and sending it out…  thats COOL!
(read it online or download the pdf)