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Changing from iPhone to Google Nexus One (and the Android platform) was also a change away from the Twitter App on iPhone to some new Twitter app..

I wont say that I found the perfect Twitter App for Google Nexus One, but I do think Seesmic is a quite good choice.
Btw I still use TweetDeck for my Laptop.

I want a Google Nexus One

January 6th, 2010 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Tech - (0 Comments)

Now I think it’s time to go for an Android powered phone and the Google Nexus One looks pretty good.

I must admit I really like my iPhone – using it so much and we’re taking about the iPhone 1. generation… but now it must be time to switch to something faster (and I did consider the iPhone 3Gs – looked great!) and it’s not gonna be an iPhone because I do HATE that teh Apple iPhone OS is a closed system and that it’s not born with “a drag and drop your files and music interface”  – iTunes sucks, especially for phones not bought by the official channels..  and upgrading isnt too difficult, but it does take quite some time.. would love to get rid of iTunes!

So now I’m looking at this new and FAST Android phone Google Nexus One – I might get one pretty soon..