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Bing and Yahoo! has overt he last 8 months been climbing steadily in their shares of the of searches in the US and
now they have a combines share of over 30%!
Bing (Microsoft sites) is now at 12,1% and Yahoo! sites is at 18,3% making the
combined “MicroHoo” at 30,4%!
So dont forget Bing at Yahoo! in your next US PPC campaign!
And Google is now down at 63,7% – still huge!

Bing and Yahoo! has overt he last 8 months been climbing steadily in their shares of the of searches in the US and now they have a combines share of over 30%!
Bing (Microsoft sites) is now at 12,1% and Yahoo! sites is at 18,3% making the combined “MicroHoo” at 30,4%!

So dont forget Bing at Yahoo! in your next US PPC campaign!

And Google is now down at 63,7% – still huge!

I have already been writing several times about Bing and Yahoo gaining extra shares of the of searches in the US and this month they are again on the move while Google goes down a bit!

Bing (Microsoft sites) is now up at 11,8% and Yahoo! sites gained 0,8% to now 17,7% making the combined “MicroHoo” closer to the 30% – at 29,5%!
And Google lost a bit for the second month in a row -  now down 0,7% to a still massive 64,4% – but is still makes it more and more important to remember both Bing and Yahoo! in the Search Marketing activities!
(Source: comScore 2010)

With Bing and Yahoo! again moving a bit forward and closer to 30% of share of searches in the US according to comScore, it just makes more and more sense to include them in the US search advertising campaign – if you didn’t already do it…

Bing went from 11,5% to 11,7% and Yahoo! from 16,8% to 16,9% giving MicroHoo a combined share of 28,6%.
And Google went a little down to still a massive 65,1%

It’s not going as fast as it has been, but comScore reports that February was in fact a month with a small growth in Bings share of searches in the USA.
Bing (Microsoft sites) went from 11,3% to 11,5%, but unfortunately Yahoo! went 0,2% down, so MicroHoo had a unchanged share of the searches.. still there’s a combined share of 28,3%!
And yes, Google went 0,1% up to 65,5%.

comScore reports that January 2010 was another good month for Microsoft Bing with a small increase their part of the US Search traffic.
Bing added another 0,6% and are now at 11,3%, whereas Yahoo! goes down 0,3% to 17,0% – interesting is though that the combination Yahoo!+Bing adds 0,3%.
And another interesting thing is Google US Search share going DOWN o,3% to still a massive 65,4% – still very impressive!

Bing is still growing!

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It seems like Microsoft did something better than before when they decided to launch the search engine Bing.
All the way since the launch in late May 2009 Bing has seen an increase in their share of the search market and the month of December in US was not different.

comScore reports that Bing in December went up 0,4% to 10,7%, but Google is still the BIG one adding 0,1% which makes Google take a massive 65,7% of the US search market. In the same period Yahoo went down 0,2% to 17,3%, but the really interesting part about it is that Yahoo+Bing is at more than 25% procent (28%), so for a US PPC campaign you really have a big chunk of extra traffic to gain from also using them…  not really the same in Denmark where Yahoo+Bing might add 3% on a very good day…  😉

Personally I really like that Bing is growing, not because its Microsoft or..  but simply because I hope at some point that we’ll see Google massive position as the clear number 1 in search shaken just a bit – some competition would be really good!

This is really a super joke Google is making here – check out this clip from The Onion where Google is telling about their new Google product “Google Opt Out” – a product sending you to a remote village – damn, these Googlelers are just such nice people.

And I love the big G you get in your forehead when you return from Google Opt Out village..  😉

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

Wow, Google as a Search Engine just keep on growing – news data from Hitwise shows that Google is now at 74% and Yahoo down at 16,19%.
Bing looks to loose momentum in June compared to May, but Hitwise has in fact been comparing June 2009 searches week by week… and Bing showed 6,63% for the last week of June 2009.
I think it will be interesting to see if Bing can keep that 25% extra..

Google at 74 percent of US search traffic

(from Hitwise and Search Engine Land)

First of all I really like the idea of Google Wave when I heard about it the other day…  but hearing about the 1 hour and 20 mins. long presentation I got a bit scared..
Luckily some nice people made a 10 mins “executive summary” video clips, which I find enough for a product not lauched…
Sorry Google and the 2 Rasmussen brothers (must have some Danish connection..) I cheated by doing the 10 mins…

Been a busy boy from the morning and decided to spend some time on taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test – and I passed it among the first Danes…

I haven’t found a place where Google says it as nice as TraceWorks’ Morten Wulff does it with “Data is the new creative”, but Google opened up on March 3rd for the Google Analytics Online Course and Test because they find that “In today’s economic climate, data-driven marketing and website decision making is increasingly important.”

Google describe the The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (or Google Analytics IQ) as “a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ test”.

The GA IQ Test wasn’t that difficult, but there were some rather tricky questions included, too…
What I really like most about the this Qualification is that Google decided to make a great step-by-step online course, which they see as a way to prepare for the test. I like the course because it keeps you updated (at least for now) and you might find a couple of areas that you dont really use that much – for sure it wasn’t all areas that I has been using that much…
But try doing the GA Online course without any experience with Google Analytics from some sites and I don’t think you’ll pass… But do tell me if you succed!

I once passed an Ericsson course in GSM when I was at Telia, but when you’re not a programmer, a ingenieur or a software company you just don’t get all these nice certificates to hide the wall with, so please excuse me but I need to flash the Google Analytics IQ Certificate…  uhhhh…  😉

Update December 4th 2009
Now with the official Google Analytics IQ Proof of Qualification – check my GA IQ here