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iPhone 3GS is super fast!

July 2nd, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in iPhone - (1 Comments)

A new speed test made by medialets shows super speed by the iPhone 3GS and a very improved speed by the iPhone 3G when using the new OS 3.0 – in a SunSpider 3d capability test….
I would have loved to see my old iPhone 2G included in test, too…  but no…

But the fact is that OS 3.0 makes the iPhone 3G around 2,5 times faster than with the old OS..  which also makes the 3G nearly 2 times faster than the G1 Android…
And the “winner” is iPhone 3GS – 3 times faster than iPhone 3G with OS 3.0 and more than 5 times faster than G1…

Without seeing the stats for my old iPhone 2G with OS 3.0 (which I btw am very happy about – less crashes in Safari..) it seems like I better invest in the 3GS when it comes to Denmark – seems to provide a bit of a boost…

Blogging from my iPhone

November 29th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in iPhone | Tech - (0 Comments)

Sorry my childish joy, but after I upgraded my iPhone I’m amazed by the amount and quality of the iPhone Apps – this post is written in the WordPress App and it really works smooth!

I have been trying to avoid upgrading my 1. generation iPhone’s firmware from 1.14 to 2.x for quite some time – knowning (and reading) about all the problems of upgrading has kept me waiting…  just call me a wuss but I have been very happy with my iPhone’s apps like calendar, notes, even the camera, so I was rather scared by suddenly having a locked iPhone because something might go wrong in the process of upgrading to firmware 2.2, jailbreaking and unlocking…
Anyway tonight I decided to allocate the 2-3 hours (who knows) to make the upgrade, jailbreaking and unlocking and I must say it took some times (2 hours or so), but it went really smoooooth!
Following the guide on vildmedmac and using QuickPwn from DevTeam it was just soo easy! Thanx to DevTeam for making this great tool – and now I suddenly went from firmware 1.14 to 2.2 – looking forward to find some time to get some new apps in my iPhone – seems like Cydia has a lot to offer or paying a little for some stuff from the Apps store…

Not that many iPhones for Denmark

August 22nd, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Tech - (0 Comments)

Check this out – Denmark was (shockingly) not recieving that many iPhones at the 3G launch…  I guess we should just be grateful for getting any…  😉

Not many iPhones for Denmark

And thanx to Telia for their iPhone subsciption iOn with a traffic cap on 300Mb free per month…  you gotta be kidding!


Been looking at some of the guides out there (on the Internet) describing how to upgrade the ‘old’ iPhone from version 1. software to the new generation 2.0 software and the following comments from users about looping, problems with calls (rather important for me), old iPhone apps not compatible and no access to contacts ect…  so as with every new releash of software it seems like its good to wait a bit…  for the company to sort out the bugs!
I’m certainly happy with my ‘old’ unlocked iPhone, so….

A mini projector for my iPhone – yes, thanx!
Taiwan tech company Honlai Technologies has just relased the news about their mini projector for the iPhone – QingBar MP101 – just dock the iPhone and its connected and the iPhone will also be recharged….

Its pretty nice, right?
I want a QingBar MP101 for my iPhone

Finally some Telco in Denmark decided or manage to end a negotiation for getting the iPhone to Denmark – and it turned out to be my ‘old’ employeer Telia…  so now we just need to wait for Telia to tell when..  and I certainly hope it will be the 3G with a load of new features…  otherwise I’ll just continue with my ‘old’ iPhone which btw still works really good…