Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Just finished off the 2 days strategy seminar with 1.Q consult.

Been 2 very interesting and busy days with lots of good energy!
Our business partner in 1.Q consult Bo Westberg did a great job of leading us through all the step in the strategy process – if somebody knows how to plan and implement strategy then its Bo!

2008 was a year with a pretty high growth in 1.Q consults turnover and quite a large chunk came from services to Lithuanian clients – services like export planning, LEAN and strategy planning and implementation.
With the financial crises also hitting Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia its a pretty good guess that exactly services like export planning and implementation, LEAN and strategy planning and implementation will be even bigger for 1.Q consult in 2009 and 2010 – everybody (also us) needs to streamline the organisations and get more sales…

And now its time for some well deserved food here Vilnius – Thomas booked a table at a Belgium restaurant..  gonna be interesting!

Being back in Vilnius again for several reasons.
Strategy and Board Meeting in 1.Q consult on Friday and Saturday – more about it later, but 1.Q consult and Thomas does really have succes with their LEAN seminars and implementations here i Lithuania.

And now Addvisors Vilnius is also starting doing Google Apps implementations and support, which I’m very excited about. First of all I really like Google Apps, its just such a great package and the email/calender/contacts doesnt get more reliable! First client implementation is happening from today….
Addvisors Vilnius and Addvisors Riga is of course already a “long time” user of Google Apps and are now also Google Apps Business Solution Provider.

Today was a great day for 2 of my companies in Lithuania – both had long articles in the local business newspaper Verslo žinios.
Skaiste and Addvisors Vilnius (not affiliated with the former Danish Addvisors, Addvisors GmbH or Addvisors Inc. anymore) occupied the front of the paper with a article about Google and the local Search Engine/catalog Delfi and Thomas and 1.Q consult had 2 pages about LEAN and their newly finish LEAN project for metal company Arginta.
Great work Skaiste and Thomas – so well deserved!