Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

The Danish band Mew is after around 4 years of “silence” out with a new CD “No More Stories” and it got impressive reviews all over!!
I’m nearly afraid of getting disappointed..

I just ordered it – of course online abroad… why would I want to pay 2-2,5 times more in Denmark or 2,5 times the price at the online shop (DKK 129 + 29 in shipping) – in fact I never really understod the concept of! Pay the same as in a Danish shop and wait for several days…

So I went to CD WOW! and BangCD and ended up with a price of DKK 60 including shipping at BangCD – but by ordering it in Punds…
Mew "No More Stories" -  get it n Punds at BangCD
I now have to wait a couple of days, but I really like to have the CD instead of the DRM “infected” versions..  just call me old school…

But strange way of handling multi-currency at BangCD – If I have paid the Mew cd in DKK it would have been DKK 70…  very strang..

Mew cd "No More Stories" bought at BangCD

Btw I could download it (with DRM) at Bilka for DKK 69,95…  come on..  no cover, no cd and no shipping – you should be able to to better than DKK +10!