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No more OMD in Germany

August 10th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Business - (0 Comments)

It has been annonced for quite some time, but I still find it very sad that the huge German Online Marketing Expo OMD has been discontinued..  OMD 2008 was the last of those and I have been very happy being there from when it was rather small to the huge Online Marketing Expo it was last year..

Anyway it seems like the German Online scene has decided that the big German Online Marketing Expo will be DMEXCO in Cologne – can’t make it this year, but I will certainly come around next year!
And I’m looking forward to hear the reviews from friends afterwards!

Sitting in arm with Ronald McDonald

September 21st, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in FUN - (0 Comments)

Leaving OMD 2008 in Düsseldorf I saw this ‘lonely’ man – I mean you gotta be somewhat lonely to chose to sit arm in arm with Ronald McDonald…  😉

OMD2008 in Düsseldorf

September 21st, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Business | Travel - (0 Comments)

OMD2008 was really a cool exhibition – so many companies and such a great vibe! But the day started with a HUGE line….  seems like they just cant figure out how to bring in several thousands of people in a short time..

But in there everything was really good…  meet a lot of people I knew…
And got a beer or two with the boys

Really good seeing you guys – interesting hearing how Traceworks are expanding!!!

OMD is known for making one of the biggest Online Marketing exhibition in Europe and all the people are professionels, which means no consumers hunting branded stuff like bags, cups and t-shirts…  but check out these kids hunting branded stuff…  seems like they had a good catch…  😉

This morning I was up way to early . needed to be in the Vilnius airport for a 05.30 morning plane to Dusseldorf, Germany, with a stop in Riga…  puuuuh…  but fortunately I was able to sleep in the plane..  😉
Arriving in Duseeldorf I just dropped my suitcase at the hotel and then it was off to the OMD (Online Marketing Dusseldorf) exhibition – a huge online marketing exhibition in Dusseldorf which I have been at 2 times before – first time to check the exhibition and the year after as advertisor with Addvisors Hamburg.
Not long ago after I entered OMD I found the TraceWorks boys…..  more to come!

But I can tell that OMD is really intersting, also this year…