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This guy is firing me now

October 2nd, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Business - (0 Comments)

Yeah, its old news – I’m not getting fired now…  doesnt really have a job that anybody can fire me from….
What I’m talking about is an OLD mblog clip I made back in August 2003. My good friend Guan had set me up with a mblog (so I could publish pictures direcly from my mobile phone) – I know publishing from a mobile phone is nothing big today, but I’m pretty sure I was among the first Danes when Guan made my mblog

Anyway so this old picture I just found on my mblog is in fact a Orange Director telling about the closing of OrangeWorld Services in Denmark and I was mblogging it…  which certainly surprised my colleagues when they returned to their desks…. – and yes, he fired me… with a nice bonus…  Thanx mr. Kohler
Such a nice thing to think back at…

Cut from my mblog