Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

The Rotary club, København-Langelinie Rotary Club, that I’m a member of is every year giving some money to different kind of projects where people need help – we have been supporting Reden (a place where the unfortunate street prostitutes can get a break from the tough steets and relax), Mælkebøtten in Nuuk Greenland (a place for the young people) ect… last year we decided to give MyC4 a try.

MyC4 is a portal that connects African entrepreneurs and people willing to do micro-funding. You can basically upload USD 10 and then choose which of the African entrepreneurs you want to fund. Every project has an expire date, amount needed, max interest rate and more, and when the expire date is reached the best funding offers (depending on the wanted interest rate) are chosen and processed by MyC4 and its local partners.

In my Rotary club we grouped into 15 groups that are running small fundings. In this way we’re all active, get together and can help some of these interesting African entrepreneurs that just needs a little help to get going.

In my group we have funded 3 projects in Uganda, so now we’re waiting to see the progress for them…