Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

May 7th and 8th was LOGIN time in Vilnius, which means time for the largest Tech Conference in the Baltics and I was invited to speak.
My presentation was “Semantic Markup – stealing screen real estate on Google” and basically it was about how to use some of the Semantic Markup types to get more traffic from Google SERPS.

Niels Klintoe speaking about Semantic Markup

This is really amazing!
Some Polish company called EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. ( decided to make a website in Danish ( to attract Danish SEO, Pay Per Click and tracking clients. And EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. decided to do it by stealing an old Addvisors (Copenhagen) text about Pay Per Click – EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. didnt even bother to remove the name Addvisors in exchange for their own…

So even after the sale of Addvisors Copenhagen’s activities to it still get copied…  😉

Check the second last line in the text…. EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. is telling about Addvisors Philosophy..  come on guys, if you have to steal text you could also do a “search and replace” in the text…  😉

And btw your links in the bottom is not active, your HOME button is out of order and you’re SEO…  hmm….

No more competition clause!

I can now do Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords – all SEO and SEM the sale of activities from Addvisors Copenhagen kept me away from in DK…  but now it’s over – I’m ready again..  and I already know I’m gonna do today!  😉

Always nice being out travelling and Las Vegas and the conference PubCon on SEM was just great, but is also nice being back again – even though Denmark is cold (they even predict snow tomorrow) and I’m still a bit jetlagged..
Over the next weeks there will be more here about PubCon, SEO, SEM, SearchBash by WebmasterRadio.FM and much more from Vegas! (but now I need to sleep…)

Really good being back at PubCon again (I wasn’t at PubCon last year) and seeing it still being full of great sessions on SEO, PPC, tracking/analytics, social media and link building and and and…  its really difficult for me to point out one session being much better than another, but I must say that the link buying session where Google’s Matt Cutts were listning was a hit – YES, you can still buy links and get some link juice from it….  its just about how you do it…  😉

I will not be going into any details about some of the ‘findings’ and news in this post, but it will certainly come in some of my future posts – either here or on a blog on my future company site…  ouch, did I really tell that I will start a new company doing SEO, PPC and tracking?  😉  yes, something will happen from December 1st 2008 when I again can do that kind of business in Denmark without violation the contract with…  but it will not be another Addvisors DK and mobile will also be included…
And I’m really looking forward to start working on some of the interesting SEO projects that has been offered me, but I have turned down for present time…  I feel like a kid waiting for December.,.  😉
More to come..

Skaiste Knyzaite, CEO Addvisors Vilnius, has been invited to speak about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC at a local 2 days seminar in Vilnius, Lithuania – a seminar about online marketing and business in a broad sense with speakers from both Google Poland, local Adnet and now also Addvisors Vilnius.
I will be at vacation at the time for the seminar, which is (in that sense) a shame…  I would have loved to she her speaking at the seminar…  Good luck Skaiste, the invitation is well deserved!