Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Oh yeah, it’s the day when I turned 40…
It feels good and it doesn’t really hurt…  maybe it’s because the sun is shining and my wonderful girlfriend woke me up with lots of nice presents and a birthday breakfast table with cinnamon snails and coffee.

And it certainly also because of all the nice wishes from friends at Skype, Facebook and Twitter…
And certainly because I got this unexpected delivery to my office from Skaiste at Addvisors Vilnius.
Check it out!

Niels Klintø  40 birthday present from Skaiste Knyzaite

Thanx Skaiste – it was a wonderful surprise!

And it seems like my next year will bring a lot of interesting things…
A (hopefully) great party with my friends on Saturday
Getting married to my wonderful girlfriend
Honeymoon to Cambodia and Thailand
A little diving
Seeing my great fiends
Speaking at IAB Peru event
New projects
Improving “old” projects
Seeing,, Addvisors Vilnius, 1.Q consult and Addconsulta grow
And more…

Wow…  its gonna be great!

Emediate has decided to use Addvisors Vilnius (and Riga) to sell their world class Ad serving solution EmediateAd in Lithiuania and Latvia and last week it was time for the first meetings in Lithuania.
I joined Christoffer Feilberg and Otto Neubert of Emediate Tuesday for the flight to Vilnius and Skaiste Knyzaite (CEO Addvisors Vilnius) had the next too days packed with meeting with some of the top 10 websites in Lithuania.
The trip was really a good one – Lithuania has some interesting sites with great people there and I’m pretty sure that Otto’s presentation of Emediates Ad serving solution EmediateAd will be followed up with a couple of contracts…
I have already had the peasure of setting up and using EmediateAd on the Danish golf site and it is really a strong and very intuitive Ad serving solution, so I’m sure its a good decision for Addvisors to start reselling this great Ad Serving solution – a Ad serving solution that will set new standards for Ad serving in Lithuania and Latvia.

Otto Nuebert from Emediate relaxing at the hotel Centro Kubas in Vilnius

Christoffer Feilberg from Emediate at the local bar in Vilnius

Yes, we did have a full booked 2 days, but we did have time to taste the local beer…

Thanx guys for a great trip – and thanx to Skaiste for setting up the top meetings!

Skaiste and Addvisors Vilnius are expanding again, so if you live in Vilnius and feel that you have what it takes to be a Sales Manager for the leading search marketing company in Lithuania dont hesitate contacting Skaiste Knyzaite.

Thursday in Vilnius was a really good day, getting Skaiste (CEO from the beginning of Addvisors Vilnius) to joined me as a partner/owner of Addvisors Vilnius was great – Skaiste has been doing a great job for Addvisors Vilnius in Lithuania and I’m pretty sure she wont stop there…
Thanx Skaiste!

In a rutine checkup by Skaiste Knyzaite, CEO Addvisors Vilnius, she discovered that airBaltic was violating FlyLAL’s trademark in their use of Google AdWords and after a couple of talks with the people at FlyLAL they decided to go the legal way now asking for 1,45 million Euro for the loss of revenue caused by this unfair action.
From the Lithuanian medias:
And in English

Skaiste Knyzaite, CEO Addvisors Vilnius, has been invited to speak about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC at a local 2 days seminar in Vilnius, Lithuania – a seminar about online marketing and business in a broad sense with speakers from both Google Poland, local Adnet and now also Addvisors Vilnius.
I will be at vacation at the time for the seminar, which is (in that sense) a shame…  I would have loved to she her speaking at the seminar…  Good luck Skaiste, the invitation is well deserved!