Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Back in June I was invited by Thomas Mydal-Madsen to Social Squares 3 years birthday and there I saw my first Pleo live – I have for some time thought that a Sony AIBO is rather cool, but after I saw AIBO several times on Youtube I realiced that AIBO is not only expensive but also damn slow….  and then I saw Pleo – the cute little robotic dinosaur…

A new Pleo relaxing at a table at Social Squares birthday
Pleo at Social Square

And then later Mr. Bigger Picture came a lot closer to Pleo – I remember it made some noices and had the tail between its legs..  so I’m not sure Ole is that good with robotic dinosaurs…. too bad Ole..  😉
Ole and Pleo

Play with Pleo
Play with Pleo with a leaf

Pleo is supposed to be a baby robotic dinosaur so of course it comes with its own leaf to play with… and it seems like Pleo is very interested in both the leaf and very curious about the world around.

I wont say that Pleo moved very fast around, but it was a lot faster than the AIBO, soooo I might bring one home from US in November…  one never know…  😉