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I got married!

September 28th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Family | Friends - (2 Comments)

Saturday I was so lucky getting married to my girlfriend Irina Moroz – Now my wife!!
We had a fantastic day with family and friends in Vilnius.

Niels Klintø and Irina Moroz married in Vilnius

Back in Vilnius preparing for the wedding + of course spending some time at the Addvisors Vilnius office.
Wow, time is running when you’re enjoying life and what you’re doing – now there’s only 4 days to the wedding…. Luckily we’re sort of ready – always some small changes and coordinations needed…

Saturday is so close and I’m really looking forward to it!

Domino Tournament in Vilnius.

December 17th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Friends | Travel - (0 Comments)

I know this is rather scary, but yes! I did join a Domino Tournament on my last trip to Vilnius and in fact I got all the way to the semifinal on my first time playing Domino ever – and I learned how to play just before the tournament started – and NO, I don’t think I got any special Domino talents…  😉

It all started with my friend Domas asking me on Wednesday last week if I wanted to go play at a local Domino Tournament with him..  can you imagine me laughing and checking what they added to his beer?

The whole downstairs of the Domino Bar (yes, they even named the place after Domino) was full with nice people on this Thursday. Here’s a couple playing

Also Domas’ brother Tadas did play in the Domino Tournament – unfortunately he went out rather early – he needs to practice his Domino skills…  😉

Domas showed me how to play Domino on the spot and he did fine, but I guess he left a little out…  he made it to the final whereas I went out in the semifinals….

Anyway great fun playing Domino – I’m pretty sure I’ll be there again next time I’m in Vilnius…  but dont expect me to be practicing hard beforehand…  😉

The Domino Bar

Vilnius Christmas dressed

December 15th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel - (0 Comments)

Visiting Vilnius was really nice. The Old Town is always so beautiful, but Christmas dressed it was even better looking.

The big Christmas Tree on the townhall square

My Friend Domas waking down the Christmas dressed street – see all the lights!

And because of the financial crises also hitting Lithuania hard there was 25% – 40% sale in many shops – even shops like Armani, Hugo Boss and Versace…

Woo makes nice food

December 15th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel - (0 Comments)

Woo (in Vilnius) is really a nice place to go for some lunch  – nice and spicy asian inspired food – not bad at all! 😉

And in the evening they do throw some nice parties, too.

Pik-Nik, I wont eat that…

October 18th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in FUN | Travel - (1 Comments)

To all Danes…  would you ever eat a Pik-Nik..  its with cheese taste…

( I found this commercial on my way to Vilnius…  seems like they eat Pik-Nik there…)

And for my foreign friends…  a bit of Google Translate

Wow…  I’ve been to Vilnius quite a lot of time… seen a lot there and around, but it was first last Saturday that I ever was up in the Vilnius TV Tower and I must admit – it was a mistake not to have been there before….   its close to be a must to include it in a visit to Vilnius! What a great view and soo nice sitting with a beer and some food and getting a ‘spin’ over Vilnius.

Pretty impressive from the ground

And what a view from the top of Vilnius TV Tower

Pretty cool with the tower as a shadow…

And another great picture from the top of Vilnius TV Tower

The bar and club scene in Vilnius is very good and when I’m around I like to visit the nice place with my friends, but last weekend made me decide to exclude one – Mojito Naktys.

I don’t mind being told that a club or lounge is full – that happens for all good places once in a while…  but to spend a long time in a line at Mojito Naktys and asking the bouncer politely about the situation, getting told its totally full (even though people are leaving) and that they wont let us in for the next hour or so… and then seeing the bouncers at Mojito Naktys letting their friends in!! That totally sucks Mojito Naktys!!
The cool club Absento FÄ—jos, which are often packed, were also pack last weekend, but at they do a decent way of handling the line – and Michael and I had a great night there.

So when you see this sign in Vilnius – then you know its time to turn around – no idea to waste your time in a line outside Mojito Naktys… just the 5 cents from an ‘angry old man’…  😉
Or at least somebody who knows how to spend his time better…

And yes, there is no much of a line outside Mojito Naktys, because people find out about their bad policy…  just for the friends…

Cigar-clubbing in Vilnius

September 11th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel - (0 Comments)

Tuesday evening I went cigar-clubbing in Vilnius with my friend Domas and Jurgio aka George.
Domas and George picked me up for some food at the nice place Rene – Belgium heavy food for men and a couple of their strong beers…  nice, but not something you could do everyday..  the food was delicious, but too fat for everyday…
Afterwards Jurgio suggested that we went to a new cigar club that was about to open, but we could get in anyway, so…  I dont smoke anything, not even a good cigar, but when I heard about a good selection of Calvados and a couple of Single Malts I was rather easy to persuade…
The cigar club was really really nice and the service was competent and servicemindend – situated in the old town of Vilnius it was of course in one of the old house…  so cool!
And George told me that we will also be able to use a room there for a small private poker session…  just between friends..  not bad at all…  need to test it sometimes in he future….

The cigars are being lit by our chef while George is enjoying the nice cellar room we’re in..

And Domas is showing how to enjoy a cigar the gangster style

Sitting with a beer and some good friends in Old Town of Vilnius I saw my first bicycle bar – in Vilnius its called Velobar – nice idea, even though I dont really like making the connection between beer drinking and manual labour….

The Velobar in Vilnius
Velobar in Vilnius

Bo also liked the idea of a bicycle-bar – the Velobar in Vilnius
Bo also likes Velobar in Vilnius
To be honest I dont know if its the bicycle-bar concept that Velobar has or its the girl dancing in front that Bo likes the most..  I guess it the overall concept…  😉

And yes my friends, next time we hit Vilnius I can of course get Domas or Giena to order us this bar + we need to try these Segways…