Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Wednesday May 26th was a “Web Analytics Wednesday” day in Copenhagen and it was really interesting – Steen Rasmussen from IIH Nordic was doing a great job! Thanx!
It was in fact my first Web Analytics Wednesday and I have no clue why…  it was really good!
First person “on the floor” was Piotr Birketoft with an interesting presentation about Web Analytics and why most companies doesnt really implement it, but sticks to sporadic usage of a Web Analytics tool…
Next and last person was
Clancy Childs, Google Analytics Europe. Clancy started with some rather basic Google Analytics stuff, but finished with some of the new and interesing features in GA.
And then the Google Analytics guys had a small quiz with some bags of Google Analytics Goodies as prizes for a right answer..

Look what I won for a right GA quiz answer!
Google Analytics prize goodies

Check out the Google Analytics HiPPO – the back of it says “Squish the HiPPO”… nice
(for noob’s: HiPPo means “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion” and Avinash Kaushik (from Google) think that you should “squish” this HiPPO with knowledge, so knowledge beats Highest Paid..)

And I dont dare to eat the candy – candy from Googleplex could make you do strange stuff…  who wants it?

Next Web Analytics Wednesday in CPH will be August 4th.