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This page is both for you and for my personal notes… so I remember some of the great ones and the ones I dislike….


  • Rowan’s Creek Kentucky Bourbon whisky – 12 yo in charred oak barrel and hand- bottled at 50.05% – batch number 558, from 1-28-93.
    • very smooth and drinkable for a Bourbon – nearly too sweet even at 50.05%
  • (This area is reserved for Martin Brand’s Port Ellen – that he promissed me a taste of…)
  • Whisky Springbank Port Wood 14 years 1989 – a Vintage 1989 with Alc % by Vol of 53% – certainly ALWAYS a MUST BUY!
  • Laphroaig Quarter Cask – this cask strengh Single Malt is just such a joy – enjoyed it first time with Benjamin in Thailand August 2007…

More to come…

Hope I can forget I ever tasted….

  • Isle of Jura and Isle of Jura Legend – I love an Island whisky more than any other, but Isle of Jura is a mistake!

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